Commerce™ Report

Consumers are ready for rise of the machines - are you?

Consumers are ready

A remarkable 57% of UK shoppers say they will be ready for automatic purchasing without any need for purchase approval within 2 years, with 13% of them ready now.

Retailers and brands need to prepare

Programmatic Commerce is a new channel set to redefine retail with its own rules. With consumers welcoming digital and fully automated services, and much of the smart technology already in place, our study suggests retailers need to get ready to offer and support programmatic purchasing.

Selected survey findings
  • 57% of consumers will be ready for p-commerce within 2 years of which 13% are ready now.
  • Two-thirds of 25-34 year-olds can see the benefits of automated purchasing.
  • And 55% of them say they’d pay a fee for it.
  • Key benefits are perceived as time saving (37%), money savings (37%) and convenience (25%).
  • Close to two-thirds say the ability to access p-commerce will influence their smart device purchasing.

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Defining Programmatic Commerce

Programmatic Commerce™ is a term coined by Salmon to describe the phenomenon of connected devices making purchase decisions on behalf of consenting consumers and businesses based on pre-programmed preferences. This process of automated purchasing has been driven by the rise of the Internet of Things and smart devices.

As an example, a coffee machine might re-order the owner’s favourite coffee when supplies run low, with the shopper simply entering price limits, preferred brands and other options into the system on initial set-up.

Methodology for our survey

More than 2,000 UK consumers aged 18-64 were interviewed online during July 2016. The research was conducted by Censuswide, an independent research consultancy.