Monetising your
PIM System

How PIM can support your business
by creating the best customer experience

Customers can be fickle, which is why it's important to enhance their customer experience at every touchpoint...

From the moment customers begin their mobile journey, to the moment they place an order in-store or online order, they expect a smooth, painless experience. How can you live up to the demands of 21st-century customers?

The solution: a PIM system...

Today, a Product Information System (PIM) can give your customers the better buyer journey they expect and deserve. You can implement a PIM as a revenue generating hub that helps you to:

  • expand your product offering (long-tail)
  • easily distribute your product data over all of your various sales channels, like trending marketplaces and social media
  • speed up product editing - actualisation of product content (e.g.prices, new product versions etc.)
  • personalise and enrich products, making them more relevant and compelling to customers




This brochure will reveal how PIM: 

  • supports your business in creating the best customer experience through all touchpoints
  • promotes the best sales catalogue for every device