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What makes Salmon the perfect partner for v9?

  • Salmon runs Europe's biggest IBM platform practice and has a strong 15 year relationship with IBM and WebSphere delivery
  • Our trusted IBM partner status (and arguably its most experienced official partner) gives us a clear advantage in implementing WebSphere Commerce successfully
  • We have deployed the world's biggest WebSphere platforms for Sainsbury’s and Premier Farnell and are building today's largest online real estate in fashion
  • We have implemented the WebSphere platform across many sectors including Retail, Fashion, Luxury, B2B, Grocery, FMCG, Automotive
  • We have won multiple IBM awards in the last 5 years for "smarter commerce solutions", "outstanding performance" and "WebSphere Commerce implementations"
  • We are platform agnostic and we will never 'sell' a platform to you as we understand each business is unique

IBM v9 - selected benefits:

  • Native support for cloud deployment - whether private, public or hybrid, offering further reductions in overheads compared to on-premises set ups
  • Increased levels of automation - such as auto-scaling product workloads
  • Separated store-front meaning it can be deployed, scaled and managed completely separately from the core transactional components (essentially a headless eCommerce architecture)
  • Significantly cheaper installations and upgrades in the future (even major versions) through the use of container technology

  • Lower overheads - no need for a hypervisor layer in your stack between application and hardware and using a single operating system for all functions
  • Easier deployment - once downloaded, the application images in the containers are ready to go, with no further configuration required
  • Quicker boot times - especially useful in the Cloud when you want to load additional capacity quickly to meet extra demand
  • Simpler updates - rather than configuring patches and packs, you just download the latest version of the container image

Sharing Salmon's platform insight


WebSphere v9 - a look under the bonnet

V9 focuses on lowering the cost of installation, running and upgrading your WebSphere Commerce infrastructure. Upgrades are also likely to be significantly easier. So, what else is new? Get the insider's view.

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About Salmon & IBM WebSphere

Salmon runs the largest IBM platform practice in Europe and exploits IBM's full potential to support the growth of an even bigger range of businesses. Salmon is your trusted partner for your IBM v9 implementation. 

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eCommerce Platform Selection Report

This independent 2017 survey will help you compare and contrast ecommerce platforms to help you pick the best one for your business, and discover how to excel at platform implementations.

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Driving high impact through WebSphere


"It's taken Sainsbury's 14 years to reach £1bn annual sales online and this new platform gives us the capacity to double this. Salmon has been a key partner in helping us transform our digital offer, managing the overall programme and more than 10 third parties."

Jon Rudoe
Digital and Technology Director, Sainsbury's


“We looked at a number of platform options and we ended up with IBM WebSphere Commerce and Salmon, simply because they are the best in Europe from the point of view of delivering WebSphere as a platform.”

Russell Harte
Head of Multichannel Development & Delivery, DFS