FMCG ecommerce

What can retailers learn from UK grocers who are
leading the way in selling online?

How can retailers succeed in ecommerce?

In the UK online grocery sector, we’ve already seen that the UK has developed a 6.9% online market share, whilst the US and many parts of Europe are enjoying less than 1.4% share. This raises some interesting

  • What are the dynamics and winning practices specific to UK?
  • Why should the development of the UK market be of interest to retailers in other countries?
  • What does this say about these other other markets?
  • How should retailers react to ensure they capitalise on the opportunities ecommerce offers them?

Whilst every market is different, there are key learnings from the UK that are applicable to markets around the world. We explore these further in this whitepaper, whch we've updated since Amazon's significant purchase of Whole Foods.

Download this whitepaper now to:
  • Discover the 4 key reasons for the growth of the UK Big Four since 2000
  • Understand how to create a reliable and sustainable business model in UK retail
  • Find out if Amazon Whole Foods is a real cause for concern
  • Take away the key actions you can start putting in place.