"Buying Tomorrow"

Online retail in the age of the
digitally obsessed consumer

Innovation and convenience "more important" than brand

Brand loyalty is tumbling with nine in ten (88%) consumers seeing speed of delivery being more important than the brand being ordered. And these consumers are comfortable with new and innovative ways to shop too, with 45% currently using or likely to use digital assistants such as Amazon Echo, Alexa or Google Home in the next 12 months. Six out of ten of us now welcome the benefits of Programmatic Commerce - allowing technology to automatically purchase goods for us.

Selected survey findings

  • Almost a quarter of consumers are "digitally obsessed" making almost all their purchases online
  • A staggering 37% of total online spend is now through Amazon
  • 57% of consumers believe they are more digitally advanced than retailers that serve them
  • Many consumers now put price and speed of delivery ahead of brand
  • 60% say they would more likely shop with 'digitally innovative' retailers.

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  • Learn how to meet your consumers expectations - 73% of consumers say that they only plan to spend more online in the future
  • Find out which new technoloiges are exciting consumers - and your customers!

Defining Programmatic Commerce

Programmatic Commerce is a term coined by Salmon to describe the phenomenon of connected devices making purchase decisions on behalf of consenting consumers and businesses based on pre-programmed preferences. This coming age has been widely recognised by industry experts, with Salmon’s 2016 Programmatic Commerce report garnering praise from press, analysts, clients and businesses across various sectors.