Building a winning
ecommerce case

What you need to consider for
an ecommerce investment business plan

Ecommerce has a high chance of winning approval for most business cases...

But how do you build a winning ecommerce business case? If ecommerce is relatively new to your business, and you are seeking guidance, Salmon has put together an essential how-to guide. Salmon's Consultancy team has first-hand experience in developing ecommerce business cases for leading brands, so you can trust us to provide the key information to consider in your business plan for ecommerce investment.

In our guide, we dive into:

  1. Framing the initiative
  2. Quantitative and qualitative benefits
  3. Legal and compliance
  4. Opportunity cost
  5. Costs
  6. Financial Assessment
  7. Timing
  8. Risks and mitigations
  9. Governance



Download the guide now to: 

  • Find out how to approach and develop your ecommerce business case
  • Get a checklist of what to consider, and why
  • Apply the advice from Salmon's Consultancy team that has supported multiple major clients