Black Friday
Playbook 2017

Your Black Friday 2017 planner guide
written by the peak selling experts.

November is the time for Christmas shopping. In 2016 UK shoppers spent £20bn online during this period, in the Netherlands €6.15bn was spent*... 

November 24th is Black Friday 2017, the ultimate day for online retailers to smash with great discounts. Eeach year, the day after Thanksgiving its Black Friday and 'this day could be seen as the start of the December Holiday season. More and more online retailers from the Netherlands are participating Black Friday by offering the most amazing discounts to their customers. But what can you expect? How do you prepare for such a peak moment on your website? Salmon's Black Friday Playbook helps your operations to get ready to seize the opportunities of the most important day for online retailers: Black Friday. 

Top tips for Black Friday 2017

1. Get optimised for mobile. People are now choosing to shop via mobile over desktop. 2016 was the tipping point!
2. It's no longer a one day phenomenon - it's a spread. Be prepared for a rise in volume across November.
3. The Brexit impact. With sterling down, look out for a rise in international orders.
4. Test everything from back-end including fulfilment systems and services, to the front end with payment transaction and search fluidity.
5. Look at your data. Implement an operations dashboard to proactively respond to issues before they escalate.


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