Black Friday
2018 Playbook

The new Black Friday planner guide
written by the peak selling experts.

It's official - Black Friday is a digital-first event

It’s official – Black Friday 2017 confirmed that the days of customers camping outside stores waiting to get first grab at the promotions – and sometimes literally fighting over the best deals – are over.

Black Friday is now a digital-first event, with consumers preferring the comfort of online shopping to in-store chaos. 

What we saw in 2017 was record online transactions, record online revenue, and a tipping point for mobile – with more than half of our clients’ orders coming from mobile. Looking forward to preparations for 2018, in this playbook we provide a detailed analysis of where to focus your planning this year.

Top tips for Black Friday 2018

1. Focus on breaking down silos
2. Prioritise mobile. 
3. Don't ignore your store! 
4. Test, test, and test again. 
5. Personalise your offers. 

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