Black Friday
IMRG Report 2017

What can we expect from the online
retail trading peak?

Preparing for peak

This brand new report by IMRG and Salmon assesses just what we can expect from Black Friday and the online Christmas retail trading peak in 2017. You'll find an inspiring mix of innovative strategies as well as established best practice techniques to consider, to help you deal with the peak in 2017.

A sneak peak

In this report you will get a checklist to help ensure you have considered the key factors when honing your strategy:

  1. Plan your campaign with agility in mind
  2. Be aware of behavioural peak
  3. Be aware of shopper fatigue
  4. Be imaginative
  5. Monitor developments
  6. Don’t cut corners in your testing
  7. Have a follow-up marketing plan
  8. Find the approach that works for you
  9. Manage delivery expectations.

Download your guide now to: 

  • Find out how you can prepare for peak well in advance with a detailed 9 point checklist
  • Discover the impact of Black Friday on your operations and how to optimise performance
  • Get 6 top tips to prepare for Black Friday 2017
  • Understand the history of Black Friday and the insight from 2016