Amazon's purchase
of Whole Foods

Your 10 step guide on why it matters

Unless you work in grocery or retail should you really care about this $13bn purchase?

The fact is that any executive in any industry who influences and shapes his or her organisation’s strategic direction, needs to take note.

Amazon’s expansion into physical grocery will not only launch a revolution in grocery retailing, but will also act as the template for how Amazon will expand into new and diverse industries in the future. And your industry may be next.

So should you sit back and allow yourself to get stung by an organisation whose strategy is more multiplex, deep-pocketed and aggressive than yours? Or should you start learning from the way that Amazon is taking over retail, to define what your company should do?

By taking a look at Amazon’s approach to the Whole Foods acquisition, this article seeks to identify what Amazon is doing differently, the lessons your business can learn - and the actions to take.

 Download this guide now to:

  • Understand what Amazon is doing differently
  • Identify the lessons your business can learn and adopt
  • Familiarise yourself with important new trends such as interface imperialism, aggressive horizontality, controlled ecosystems and the store as the distribution centre of the future
  • Review and apply our top 10 actions you can put into place today!