King of the jungle

Does Amazon really rule retail?
And where does your business stand in the food chain?


New research by Salmon reveals 37% of online spend in the UK is now done via Amazon. It’s set to rise too, with 73% of consumers saying they will increase their use of digital shopping channels – and they’re more likely to do so via a digitally innovative retailer.

Add to the mix Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and you have to question if anything can stop the dominance of this retail juggernaut. More importantly, you’ll want to harness the latest findings to help inform your business strategy on Amazon.

Download our research to:

  • Gauge just how much of an impact Amazon has had – from a consumer's perspective
  • Find out how often we shop with Amazon and why
  • Grasp how important digital innovation is to consumers
  • Understand what consumers value most when shopping digitally.
  • Appreciate your company’s position regarding Amazon